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About the SPK Book Club

Who is cooking? We’re Irene and Margaux, two friends who once shared a North London kitchen with salmon pink walls. In November 2018, we started a book club on Sunday afternoons, when we’d welcome our guests with a feast based on the book we were reading. As the pandemic put a halt to our in-person Sundays, we gave the Salmon Pink Kitchen (a.k.a. SPK) a virtual make-over. Today we’re excited to be able to welcome anyone from anywhere as the SPK Book Club continues to meet online. 

What are we reading? The SPK Book Club is curious, inclusive and fuelling. We’re not afraid of re-reading books so we can reconsider the way we see the world around us. We read both fiction and non-fiction titles, across genres, in translation, and we like to shed new light on authors whose work we feel has been overlooked. If you’ve a recommendation, feel free to hit us with a message!

How does it work? We’re an online book club primarily. We read a new book every three months, so that’s six books a year, and we fill book club months with stories about the authors as well as recipes we develop and cook around their lives and writings. We meet online to discuss the book and the author in focus, but if you can’t make it on the day you will still receive a digest of the book club conversation and further reading recommendations via our newsletter.

Where do I sign-up? You can follow us on Instagram, where we share reading recommendations and recipes. You can also browse the books we’re reading via our affiliated page, and don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list so you don’t miss our next book club date. 

Psst. if you’d like to get in touch about a project or a book, you can email us at